Membership Options & Fees

Player Communications

  • Whatsapp is currently the main medium for Communication with Players.
  • Please update your contact details at the office when changes occur.
  • Player Registration Forms (WPRFU Players) must be completed in full and submitted to the Club Management along with an ID-Photo before playing.
  • Check the League Program now and enjoy a Successful Rugby Season at Helderberg Rugby Football Club. Yes We Can!

Senior Teams Practice Times

  • Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays at 18:30

Under-20 Teams Practice Times

  • Mondays & Wednesdays at 18:30

Helderberg RFC Player Directives

  • Players should take personal responsibility for their own health and fitness conditions
  • Rugby administrators update an attendance-register at each rugby practice and use these statistics when teams are selected. Not showing for practices without an acceptable excuse, may thus result in the next faithful player being selected.
  • When it is not possible for a player to attend a practice, that player has the responsibility to contact their coach concerned with a good reason to be absent.
  • Team selections take place after the first practice every week (Under-20’s on Mondays and Senior Teams on Tuesdays) when matches are scheduled.
  • Matches are scheduled either on Friday evening or from 13:20 on Saturday afternoons.
  • The 2009 Western Province Club Rugby League kicks off on 18-April 2009, with the last matches scheduled for 19-September 2009.
  • Qualified First-Aid is available at matches. In case of more severe injuries, the player will be transported to a hospital. Please note that each player must take care of his own Medical Aid or Medical Account.

Helderberg Rugby Club Dress Code

  • The official Helderberg Rugby Club dress code for players before and after matches, is chino long pants with a white shirt with an optional club tie or Helderberg RFC golf shirt (as determined by the team coach).
  • The official Helderberg Rugby Club match dress code, is the official Helderberg rugby jersey and socks with Black Rugby Shorts.
  • As mentioned before, the Helderberg Rugby Club supply the rugby jersey. Rugby shorts and socks are available at the Club. Jersey must be handed back to the team captain directly after each match for laundry purposes.

Discipline and Respect

  • Please make sure that you obey by the Rules and Regulations of the Club and transpose discipline and respect to your supporters.
  • Helderberg players and supporters are always examples of sports people with professionalism who participate in the great spirit of the Rugby Game!

Helderberg RFC Annual Awards at the Year-End Gala Dinner:

  1. Under-20 B Player of the Year:
  2. Most Enthusiastic Under-20 Player:
  3. Most Valuable Under-20 Backline Player:
  4. Most Valuable Under-20 Forward Player:
  5. Most Potential Under-19 Player:
  6. Most Potential Under-20 Player:
  7. Most Valuable 5th Team Backline Player:
  8. Most Valuable 5th Team Forward Player:
  9. Most Valuable 4th Team Backline Player:
  10. Most Valuable 4th Team Forward Player:
  11. Most Valuable 3rd Team Backline Player:
  12. Most Valuable 3rd Team Forward Player:
  13. Most Valuable 2nd Team Backline Player:
  14. Most Valuable 2nd Team Forward Player:
  15. Team Manager of the Year:
  16. Administrator of the Year:
  17. Extreme Enthusiasm:
  18. Extreme Dedication:
  19. Fitness & Dedication:
  20. Sportsmanship:
  21. Most Tries Scored 2009:
  22. Most Points Scored 2009:
  23. Sevens Player of the Year:
  24. Esprit de Corps (player):
  25. Esprit de Corps (administrator):
  26. Team with Most Log Points:
  27. Team of the Year:
  28. Most Valuable 1st Team Versatile Player:
  29. Most Valuable 1st Team Backline Player:
  30. Most Valuable 1st Team Forward Player:
  31. Player with Best Performance:
  32. Players’ Player of the Year:
  33. Under 20 Player of the Year:
  34. Senior Player of the Year:
  35. Sportsman of the Year:

Hankie Heyns (President)

Russel Williams (Club Captain)

Stuart Jackson (Additional Member)

Louis Terblanche (Club Secretary)

Bokkie Carsten (Chairman)

JP Nunes (Treasurer)